Saturday, March 26, 2011

Petisyen 'Online' Membantah kilang tanah jarang(rare earth) Kuantan, Pahang

Untuk membantah kilang tanah jarang di Kuantan,Pahang, and kini boleh mengambil tindakan dengan mengambil bahagian dalam petisyen 'on-line' di  STOP LYNAS!

Help people of Pahang...Kuantan - go sign "Stop Lynas" petition

The Lynas Rare Earth plant would soon be operational in Kuantan, Pahang unless it is stopped unless we convince the government to shut it down. Why is the government doing this all over again, after the people had managed to struggle and shut down a similar rare earth company before, after getting a court order in 1992, the company finally shut down in 1994.

Faith in the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) was lost, and the people had to go to court and get a court order. The government did not act on their own - but had to be compelled by court orders.Trengganu State government refused the project after studies and consultation - but neighboring  Pahang said 'Yes'. 

1989 Two children aged five and 11 and a 19-year-old man were diagnosed with acute leukemia. Other cases like brain cancer, septicemia and other complications are reported.

Seemingly healthy children exposed to radiation were tested and found to be less healthy than those in Carey Island, although the children of Bukit Merah were better nourished.
According to 1986 statistics, Bukit Merah should have only one case of leukemia in thirty years. By the time the plant shuts down, eight cases would have been diagnosed. Seven patients will not survive.

There are also reported cases of birth deformities involving children of workers at the plant.

1985 Residents of Bukit Merah obtain a stop work order from the High Court.1986 Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) deems the site safe, and in 1987 issues a licence to ARE to resume work, 8 residents take legal action against ARE.
1992 The Bukit Merah residents win their suit against ARE but the High Court's shutdown order is stayed upon ARE's appeal to the Supreme Court. The proceedings are adjourned.

1994 ARE announces that it will cease operations even though the case is pending.
There is an online petition that we can all participate in, entitled STOP LYNAS!
....We, the undersigned, want the government to stop Lynas Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. from operating its rare earth refining plant in Kuantan or anywhere in Malaysia.

We do not have faith in the safeguards claimed to have been put in place to ensure that there will not be radioactive leakages neither do we feel assured that the waste will be disposed properly.

We do not want to face a radioactive problem in our backyard and we do not want to subject ourselves or our family members to severe health problems.....

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